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Slope stabilization and Landslide mitigation of State Roads achieved using Maccaferri’s flexible gabion structures

Slope Stabilization

A mass gravity structure for slope stabilization and Landslide mitigation purposes was built using Maccaferri Gabions.

Maccaferri’s Gabion baskets are by far the most commonly known Maccaferri product and solution. The fame of Gabions stems from 3 key properties their:

  • inherent flexibility
  • durability
  • affordability.

It is due to these three characteristics that lead clients to choose Maccaferri Gabions over alternative solutions.

A recent project in India aptly exemplifies this phenomenon. It shows how Gabion can provide the perfect solution for transportation infrastructure works that would otherwise struggle to find the ideal fit for their specific needs. The Ranchi- Patratu- Dem Road project is a prestigious road project that is currently being executed by the Jharkhand Accelerated Road Development Company Ltd.

It is a joint venture of the State Government (road construction department) and the IL&FS Transportation Networks (India) Limited (ITNL), on PPP mode. With this project, the State Road Construction Department aimed to improve the road safety and traffic flow on the Ranchi- Patratu- Ramgarh Road. The proposed road is aligned through a variety of terrains, and many areas need widening.

The retention of the hill and cut slopes are necessary to allow for the construction of the road. At two places landslide occurred when an attempt was made to excavate the toe of the slope for the widening of the road. Given this, the project managers decided that the construction of a mass gravity structure was in order to provide slope stability against rock and debris fall. The State Road Construction Department was on the lookout for an appropriate mass gravity wall for slope stabilization. Maccaferri’s Gabion retaining walls were selected amongst the available options due to their flexible and permeable nature. The height of retention structures needed was ranging from 6m to 12m.

Given this, Maccaferri proposed to construct the gabion wall with a flat benching in-between that was formed naturally when the landslide took place at the hairpin bend location. This was done for higher height sections. Gabion walls being flexible and permeable in nature could be economized to a considerable extent. The speed of construction achieved at the site was impressive and further landslides were prevented during construction. The Contractor did a good job regarding gabion building and, quality of work and the structure withstood one heavy monsoon.

The structure got well appreciated due to its free draining property, cost effectiveness, environmental balance and aesthetics.

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