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Maccaferri India presents road & railway solutions at the InfraTech Expo 2016 in Mumbai

Road & Railway

Maccaferri showcased two of its Road and Railway related projects at the InfraTech Expo 2016 in Mumbai; the platform where vision meets technology to shape a better India

The recent TrafficInfraTech Expo in India provided a unique platform for members of the Traffic industry to connect with the Governments, policy makers, enforcement authorities and infrastructure developers.

The Expo showcased the latest in traffic management technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Tolling, Safety & Security, and Mass transport.

Started in 2011, the Expo has grown and continues, annually, to showcase a myriad of diverse verticals in tune with the global trend. This 5th edition of the 2016 Trafficinfratech Expo has clearly demarcated sections because of the particular demand by different stakeholders. Tolling and Telematics will be integrated with ITS; Safety & Security will have more solutions for the traffic departments; and the section on Mass Transport will showcase solutions for Metro/Monorail, Bus Rapid Transit, and other public transport systems. Maccaferri has promoted Road and Railway Application, especially the works along Mumbai-Pune expressway and Pavement stabilization along Creek Road in Bhavnagar. Both projects provided attendees with excellent textbook examples of Road and Railway works using advanced Maccaferri technologies and systems.

The former, a job that is located along the Mumbai Pue Expressway, included the construction of a new high-speed highway connecting Mumbai to Pune. Maccaferri Gabion Walls were mainly used for retention purposes in the Ghat portion of NH-4 between Adoshi to Lonavala.

The latter, had Maccaferri provide a solution that was designed to stabilize a Creek Road in Bhavnagar.

The work mainly included Double Twist wire mesh products such as Gabion, Road Mesh and Geosynthetic products such as MacTex, ParaLink, MacGrid, and MacDrain.

Gabions were provided to act as embankment protection on the sides of the proposed road. For more technical information regarding the two projects, please download the respective case studies indicated.

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