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River Front development achieved using an eco-friendly Maccaferri solution

Terramesh system

Maccaferri supplied a Terramesh system with Gabion facia and mesh solution for the reinforcement of a river front development

Maccaferri India worked together with the consultant, Sheladhia Associates, to provide the Sabarmati River Front Development Project with a soil reinforcement structure made out of our Terramesh System. The solution was chosen primarily by the consultant for its inherent eco-friendliness.

The Sabarmati River, which passes through the centre of Ahmedabad, was subjected in the past to severe pressure caused by the fast paced urban and industrial growth of the city. The river front was neglected during this process. Sewage contaminated storm water outfalls and the dumping of industrial waste, posed a major health and environmental threat to the Ahmedabad community.

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation founded the Sabarmati River Front Development Corporation Limited (SRFDCL) with the primary aim of developing the river front via the reclamation of the land on both sides of the river to improve the environment and life quality in Ahmedabad. For the reclamation of land, a retaining wall had to be constructed. The in-situ soil ranged from medium silty sand to silty sand.

The river flow has a high velocity of 3-5m/sec. The maximum height of wall above the riverbed measured approximately 12m and the scour depth was calculated to be a maximum of 5m. Therefore, to protect the retaining wall from scour, a diaphragm wall was proposed to be built under the retaining wall. Studies revealed that reinforced soil technology would be the optimal solution on various accounts for this purpose.

Maccaferri’s Terramesh system with its gabion facia and integral geogrid mesh as soil reinforcement was selected due to its inherent environmental friendliness.

The consultant, Sheladhia Associates chose Maccaferri’s Terramesh system given a series of advantages:

– They fascia is self-draining, so high pore pressure that may develop in a river front structure will get dissipated
– Flexibility of the system ensures safety of the structure in a high seismic prone area like Gujarat
– The Terramesh system is delivered ready to be installed on site. Given this, a large casting yard is not required

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