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Our worldwide experience at the service of Indian Authorities to ensure appropriate flood control measures

Flooding in India is severe. The country is second in the world after Bangladesh in deaths due to flooding, accounting for one fifth of global flooding deaths. Effective flood control measures are essential to ensure an appropriate safety level to the population living along the rivers. The protection of river banks and riverbeds was the topic of our event at the Italian Embassy in New Delhi last month. Our worldwide experience in hydraulic works was made available to the Indian Authorities and local consultants/contractors.

Mr. Francesco Galante, Maccaferri’s International Project Manager, was the key speaker at the event. Following a welcome speech by Mr. Alessandro De Masi, Head of the Economic and Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy, Mr. Galante shared his experience, based on 30 years spent in the international arena, on several prestigious hydraulic works projects within Maccaferri.

During his presentation ‘Applications of Flexible Systems in River Engineering’, he analyzed the current Indian flood zone map. “For many reasons related to commerce, transportation, water supply, hydroelectric energy production and many more, most of the population lives along the rivers. Therefore, flood control measures are necessary to insure an appropriate safety level to these communities. On the other hand, these measures should be implemented taking into consideration the river environment, so that this is preserved for future generations”, he continued.

“Floods along the most important Indian rivers (Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna, Godavari) are a huge problem, as in many other countries, and this problem appears to be getting worse because of climate change”, said Mr. Galante.

The Indian Hydraulic Engineering Industry has a long tradition and Maccaferri is an ideal technological partner for Consultants, Contractors and Public Authorities because of its presence in India since 1998, its worldwide experience, its constant research and innovation in the hydraulics sector and its capacity to propose environmentally friendly engineering solutions, taking into account client’s needs, material availability and design conditions.


Ms. Minimol Korulla, Vice President, Techno-marketing Department at Maccaferri India, and Mr. Deeraj Kumar, Design Engineer, joined Mr. Galante to present our landmark projects in India and strengthen the confidence in our capabilities to solve challenging engineering problems.

One of these projects is the Mahanadi River Bank Protection Works, a flood mitigation project which involved complex challenges during execution. The river banks were very unstable and their reconstruction called for a customized solution including rip-rap to stabilize the slope and gabion revetments as permanent protection. Our flagship product Reno Mattress was launched in India with this project, which required the installation of 87,000 m³ of prefilled Reno Mattresses at a depth of 20 meters underwater and at a 12-metre distance from the bank, using a crane placed on a barge. Since 2003 our installation continues to protect the bank successfully.

We were pleased to share our knowledge with key Indian officials from ministerial departments represented by Mr. J. K. Jain, Chief Engineer and Mr. Ravindra Kumar, Executive Engineer from the Irrigation and Flood Control Department, Mr. S. S. Kerimani and Mr. A. K. Singh from the Central Water & Power Research Station (CWPRS), Mr. Rajesh Yadav from the Asian Development Bank and Mr. Vivek P. Kapadia, Engineer in Chief from Narmada Water Resources, Water Supply and Kalpasar Department.

workshop_river engineering

We were also delighted to have noted consultants and contractors including Mr. Manohar Singh and Ms. Nitika Gupta, Asst. Chief Engineer at WAPCOS, Mr. Rajib Bhattacharjee, Deputy General Manager and Mr. R Saravanan, General Manager at RITES, Mr. V. K. Panwar from EIL; Mr. Manish Jain, Director at AECOM, Dr. Ruchi Kalra, HOD, Marine & Coastal at DHI, Mr. Honey Mehra form SMEC, Mr. Shubhajit Gupta, General Manager at HOWE, Mr. G. K. Murthy and Mr. Dheeraj Kaushik, General Manager at TCE and Mr. Asutosh Kaushik, CEO at Parsans.

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