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Maccaferri India presents a rockfall case history at the 2016 Indorock conference in Bombay


Maccaferri India, gold sponsor of the 2016 Indorock conference in Bombay, Mumbai presents a key case history relevant to rockfall mitigation using HEA Panels and helicopter intervention.

The Sixth Indian Rock Conference—Indorock 2016—will be taking place over a two-day period, from the 17th-18th of June, in IIT Bombay, Mumbai. The themes of the conference are varied. Attendees, including engineers, professionals, sponsors and others, will learn and discuss topics relevant for:

  • underground for hydropower
  • underground Infrastructure
  • underground Technology for Mining
  • New Developments in the field of rock stabilization, landslide mitigation, and future rock mechanics.

Maccaferri India features as one of the prime sponsors of the event. Other sponsors include Instrumentation Solutions, Geo Constech, Dextra, Geobrugg and Navayuga. In addition to providing support for the event itself, Maccaferri India will also present one of its latest Rockfall protection work in Sapthashrungi Gad, India, located in the East-West range of Sahyadri mountains, approximately at a distance of 65 km from Nasik.

It is one of the most visited religious places for pilgrims coming from neighbor states like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Gujarat. Numerous annual festivals at the site attract scores of devotees who visit the site for religious worship. During peak days, approximately 3000 pilgrims pay tribute to this holy place daily. As the temple is situated on the top of the mountain, the Public Works Department of Maharashtra requested the installation of a mechanical system—i.e. a funicular trolley—designed to transport devotees from the base of the mountain to the temple.  Rigorous examination of the site proved however that the area in question is can easily succumb to destructive and dangerous rockfall. In light of this complication, engineers planned for a solution that both protected the temple and visitors against rockfall. The cliff in question measured about 200 meters from ground level.

The work stands out as being the first of its kind, where helicopters were utilized to finalize the solution. Among many features of the project, Maccaferri will be exposing how, due to weather conditions present at the site, items such as High Energy Absorption Panels, Anchorage rods, cement capsules and water required for grouting, had to be installed via the help of a helicopter. Information will also be provided on the use of HEA Panels—the stiffest product within Maccaferri’s Mac.RO System mesh range.

Maccaferri India intends to inform attendees most prominently about the development of a successful rockfall mitigation solution that:

  • reduces cost
  • requires a high degree of customization and analysis resulting from geological conditions
  • it is safe and secure for workers on site.

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