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Preassembled slope repair system for emergency works adopted in Arunachal Pradesh


Time consuming on-site operations and exposure to risks are some of the issues that can be minimized in earth retaining remedial works. ErdoX is a fast-to-install system designed to meet clients time and safety requirements.

ErdoX units are steel modular pyramidal structures provided with a main reinforcement stem which are employed as emergency soil repair and intervention against debris flow, landslides and avalanches. These are umbrella shaped, lightweight, multifunctional and self-stable.

This system was successfully adopted in Nasar-Zigs near Broxer along Kgg-Ngg-KM22 Lgg road (K-N-L road), in Arunachal Pradesh. The site lies at an altitude of 3,000m and receives heavy rainfall and snowfall as well as fall under high seismic zone V.

Frequent landslides were observed in this area due to extreme climatic conditions. The strata in this area consisted of a mix of sand and boulders. Large channels have been formed due to heavy rains, carrying soil as well as large boulders. To mitigate these problems, we provided slope protection and erosion control measures. These comprised of rows of ErdoX consolidation units, high strength reinforced geomat (MacMat® HS), diagonal wire ropes along with bio-engineering measures, surface anchors & sub-surface drain pipes for drainage measures. This helped in toe stabilization, drainage and slope protection. Additional layers of gabion units and micro piles were also installed as per requirement.

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