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Pavement stabilization project using Maccaferri solutions is first of its kind in South India

Pavement solutions can be expensive, time-consuming and ineffective. Maccaferri’s solutions can be used to address these challenges as is proven by the first pavement stabilization project in South India.

Pavement reinforcement and stabilization solutions are paramount for the transportation infrastructure sector and are also one of the many elements of safe urban and rural infrastructure.

Our case study of our first pavement stabilization project in South India by the client R&B Guntur shows how pavement stabilization and strengthening products such as MacGrid EG, Mactex and MacDrain can be used to secure roads and highways. The state highway road network has always been subjected to instability problems due to the poor soil conditions (i.e silty clay) found in the majority of the Guntur district.

As part of new capital and infrastructure developments in this area, the department chose to use innovative pavement stabilization techniques using reinforced geogrids at the base course and sub-base course levels to resolve the problem. As the pavement was laid directly on silty clay there was a need to install a separator made of geotextile (MacTex N) between the sub-grade and sub-base course. A geogrid was introduced at the base course to allow for the successful stabilization of the pavement.

The project was completed successfully in August 2016, and since then continues to function effectively.

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