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Making the best use of Geosynthetics in Indian roads

Asphalt reinforcement

MacGrid AR used for asphalt reinforcement in a road extension project at a golf course in Gurgaon

IL&FS Engineering Services were working on the extension of a road in a golf course at Gurgaon and they needed an asphalt reinforcement solution to limit differential settlement and reflective cracking at the joints between the old and new pavement sections. Maccaferri proposed a solution using our MacGrid AR 10A.7 planar geogrids used for reinforcement of asphalt roads.

In road widening projects, reflective cracking in asphalt pavements generally occurs over discontinuities in the material being overlaid, and at joints due to expansion, contraction and bending from movement of the substrate. It can also be caused by traffic induced shearing, and also by differential settlement where the old and new pavement sections meet.

Maccaferri proposed to IL&FS an asphalt reinforcement solution using MacGrid AR 10A.7; a glass fibre geogrid with high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity at low elongation. In this project, MacGrid AR was installed along the longitudinal joint between the existing and the new road to prevent reflective cracking. The MacGrid AR specified is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive to ease instalatlion.

Stress concentrations in the asphalt matrix are relieved and redistributed by the reinforcement geogrid. Thus, the use of MacGrid AR can result in an increase in the service life of pavement by reducing fatigue, reflective, thermal and settlement cracking.

MacGrid AR offers the following benefits:

  • Overlay stress absorption
  • Resist reflective cracking
  • Reduce fatigue cracking
  • Control cracking due to differential settlement
  • Reduce Surface Rutting

Once the service life of the highway is reached, MacGrid AR is also straightforward to remove by milling and recycling.

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