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Discover how MacTex Geomembrane has been installed into a seepage prevention project


Maccaferri’s MacTex Geomembrane is still serving its purpose due to its good seepage control properties, environmental balance and aesthetics.

Lanja Taluka is located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra where the primary occupation of people is farming. The area thus requires a substantial amount of water. The majority of the water is lost from within the pond due to seepage. This phenomenon poses a grave threat to the farmer community of the region. In light of this M/S SHIVALAYA FARMS needed a solution to the crisis that successfully mitigates leakage in order to store water for an extended period of time.

In light of this, it was decided that the impermeable lining of the pond would provide the ideal solution to the query. The side slopes of the dugout were dressed in a stable inclination of 1V: 1H with a horizontal beam in between. The slope, as well as bed of the pond, was lined with a geomembrane solution. A 1mm thick geomembrane Machine (SDH) will act as a hard core impermeable liner. This machine was lined with a protective layer of nonwoven MacTex Geotextile. To ensure the stability of the coatings, safe anchoring was done at the top by providing anchor trenches.

Maccaferri’s MacTex Geotextile solution has various advantages. First, it is highly cost effective. Furthermore, Maccaferri ensures that the installed solution goes through rigorous quality assurance and uniformity checks. Finally, the solution itself is easy to both handle and install.

Currently, the structure that was implemented in 2011 is still proving efficient. The installation procedures of Geosynthetics have been completed, and the structure is serving its purpose due to its excellent seepage control properties, environmental balance, and aesthetics. The concerned people appreciate both the technique and the mechanism of Maccaferri’s solution.

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