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MacRes® – Reinforced Soil wall at Chakkai canal


Reinforced Soil (RS) wall with concrete panels as fascia and ParaWeb as reinforcement for the approach ramps of the bridge

A bridge with approach ramps was planned across the Chakkai canal, connecting NH bypass with the New International Airport in Trivandrum. Soil investigation reports revealed that the subsurface soil primarily consisted of clay upto 3m depth and high ground water table owing to the proximity to canal. The foundation soil was found to have inadequate bearing capacity to bear the load of the approach ramps.

MacRes® system consisting of reinforced soil (RS) wall with concrete panels as fascia and ParaWeb® as reinforcement was used for the approach ramps of the bridge. The maximum height of RS wall is 5.6m. Keeping in mind the high-water table and excessive consolidation settlements, stone column technique with composite soil was used to improve the bearing capacity of soil, reduce post–construction settlement and facilitate the solution implementation.

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