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Maccaferri uses MacDrain to offer an alternative solution to traditional drainage systems

Drainage systems

Despite geological challenges and minimum resources, Maccaferri installed a drainage system using MacDrain in record times.

Despite geological challenges and minimum resources, Maccaferri installed a drainage system using MacDrain in record times.

The Hyderabad – Karimnagar – Ramagundam road is state Highway (SH-01) also known as Rajiv Rahadari, connecting Karimnagar and Ramagundam in the coal belt to the capital city of Hyderabad. The starting point of this highway is Secunderabad. It joins the National Highway-16 at the crossroads of Godavarik-hani- Mancherial-Chennur.

Running over a stretch of 235 km it passes through Adilabad, Karimnagar, Medak and the Ranga Reddy districts of Andhra Pradesh. Various structures such as ROBs (Rail Over Bridge), VUPs (Vehicle Under Pass) and CUPs (Cattle Under Pass) needed to be constructed. The approaches of the ROB were to be retained by Reinforced Soil Wall. Maccaferri proposed to build a MacRES Reinforced Soil wall using concrete vertical fascia panels and Paraweb soil reinforcement geostrips.

The solution was approved by the client for its many technical and economic advantages. As per MORTH requirement, a 600mm thick gravel filter was meant to be installed behind the wall as a drainage media to quickly drain off excess pore water that may develop behind the wall. Maccaferri proposed a more suitable alternative solution i.e. to place a layer of MacDrain (drainage Geocomposite) behind the retaining wall to replace the conventional drainage arrangement made up of a graded gravel layer.

MacDrain geocomposites are manufactured from a 3-dimensional polymeric drainage core that is thermally bonded to a geotextile, on one or both sides, or to a waterproofing layer, on the one hand. They are capable of providing one or more primary functions: filtration, drainage, separation, barrier, and protection. To elaborate further, a lot of fly ash generated at the Ramagundam coal-based power plant was used by Maccaferri as structural fill; an excellent and environmentally friendly way of re-using site won materials, instead of importing other suitable fills from off-site.

Despite the minimal resources, i.e. one project manager in charge, two site supervisors and a small crew of workers, the project was nonetheless completed speedily and efficiently without affecting the quality of the solution.

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