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Maccaferri’s Paramesh system for crusher walls in Indian mines


The Paramesh system was constructed to put up a central ore-handling plant at Serajuddin Mines in Orissa.

Maccaferri’s Reinforced soil wall system was successfully constructed at Serajuddin Mines, Orissa. The flexible structure was installed to accommodate the excessive vertical load & horizontal loading, enhance the drainage efficiency and ease the mining operations.

Serajuddin Mines, Orissa planned to put up a central ore-handling plant which required a 22m high loading bin at the primary crusher. A tip wall was required for access to the primary crusher. The site demanded the wall to be flexible in nature since the wall had to accommodate the excessive vertical load of 175kPa and horizontal load of 900kN imposed by a Caterpillar 785 mining dump truck.

Maccaferri India proposed a 22m high vertical reinforced soil wall structure (ParaMesh system) for the crusher wall. The ParaMesh system is a combination of Terramesh® as facia & ParaLink® (high strength geogrid) as a primary reinforcement. The crusher wall had a frontal face area of 1,771sqm. The inherent flexibility of the Terramesh® system made it an ideal choice. The design was carried out by using an in-house software (MacStARS W) in line with international design guidelines. Non-woven geotextile MacTex was provided behind the Terramesh® unit as a separator and filter. Ground improvement was carried out by replacing 1m thick soil below the wall foundation with selected granular soil.

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