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Maccaferri rockfall barrier installation at Southwestern Railway


1500 kJ capacity rockfall barrier installed at the Sakleshpura to Subramanyapura stretch, in Karnataka, India

Maccaferri successfully completed the installation of its rockfall barrier solution in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. This effective and optimal solution was installed at a critical location of the stretch which was prone to frequent rockfall intendents.

South-Western Railways was facing frequent rockfall incidents at the Sakleshpura to Subramanyapura stretch, in Karnataka. These stretches of the Western Ghats are prone to frequent rockfall and slides especially due to heavy rainfalls during monsoon season.

The critical locations of rockfall and landslides were identified with the help of geotechnical investigation and evident past rockfall incidents. Maccaferri’s rockfall barrier of capacity 1500 kJ was installed at two locations: KM 56+820 and KM 57+550. Dynamic rockfall barriers of height 5 meters were installed on the slope above the railway line to mitigate the risk of rock detachments hitting railway coaches or track endangering the safety of human life and infrastructure. The project tenured from December 2020 to January 2021.

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