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Maccaferri India provides environmental solutions with potentials for CSR Companies

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Maccaferri’s engineering solutions provides CSR eligible Companies with sustainable environmental solutions for long-term benefits.

On April, 1st – 2014 the Government of India implemented new CSR guidelines requiring companies to spend 2% of their net profit on social development contributing towards Corporate Social Responsibilities. Nowadays, Indian businesses are confronted with the crucial question of how to align government mandated CSR activities to handle India’s socio-environmental challenges while enabling better long term profits for the firm.

We believe that Maccaferri may, infact, provide more than one solution for this query.

Maccaferri provides innovative engineering solutions for environmental sustainability including control of soil erosion to the Indian market since 1998. Maccaferri products, services, and technology are appreciated and in demand by key infrastructure segments like the:

Now, Maccaferri is poised for growth as a solution provider to profit companies and also to companies under CSR domain for environmental protection. It is one of the very few technology Companies providing environmental solutions with potentials to make a large impact in the environmental protection area under CSR space. We wish, CSR eligible Companies will take advantage of the competence of Maccaferri and invest in sustainable environmental solutions under CSR, which will generate long-term good will for them.

With the main motto of attaining 100% Client’s satisfaction, Maccaferri strives to be considered as a partner and fully fledged solution provider for their customers with their services ranging from design to execution i.e. Design, supply, site supervision, technical support, installation, and consultancy. High quality, quick assembly, easy handling, cost effectiveness, and highest safety standards of our systems provide us with a competitive edge over conventional systems. Maccaferri stands out for its ability to deliver complete solutions to complex soil – structure – fluid interaction applications.

Most notably Maccaferri India’s solutions in diverse civil engineering applications cover:

  • retaining structures
  • reinforced soil walls and slopes using a range of geogrid reinforcements including MacGrid, Paragrid, and Paralink
  • lining solutions for bodies of water
  • Rockfall protection systems devised to stabilize rock faces, snow slopes, and reducing risk. Rockfall protection product range includes double twist steel wire mesh, high strength Ring net Panels, High Energy Absorption steel cable panels, rockfall barriers, debris flow barriers, snow fences, anchors, and nails.

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