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Maccaferri Completes the Phase 1 of Rockfall Protection Works in Sapthashrungi Gad

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Implemented 25,000 square meters of Rockfall Protection works. First time in the history Helicopters were also utilized.

Phase 1 of the Sapthashrungi site securing has been completed. The goal for which the rockfall mitigation was implemented has been reached: now pilgrims can safely walk to the sanctuary. Execution works, however, met some technical difficulties. Loose rocks on the surface, heavy winds, dust waves, conical shapes of rocks facing the temple posed huge challenges for climbers and executors. All of this meanwhile a continuous and heavy rush of devotees called for a timely and safe intervention.

The entire surface of the summit, and some portion on the surface, were littered with loose rock and potentially unstable boulders. Bad weather, heavy wind, dust wave posed an immediate threat for devotees: due to the festive season, on weekends and auspicious days the temple and surrounding area use to be overcrowded. Due to loose rock boulders on summit top and on surface the possibility of boulders falling down the hill couldn’t be ruled out, creating dangerous situations for devotees passing through the hill.

Due to weathered conditions of rock and loose surface area even items like High Energy Absorption Panel, anchorage rods, cement capsules and water required for grouting could not be pulled up either by winch or through any other vertical lift, because the lifting operation of HEA Panel and other allied items would have disturbed the very loose top layer, resulting in sliding or falling of rocks.

Executing activities was an extremely difficult and challenging task for our climbers and drillers.

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