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Increasing the service life of pavement with asphalt reinforcement at Bhavnagar


In the year 2010 Govt. of Gujarat decided to reconstruct approach road for Gujarat’s first cable stay bridge at Bhavnagar

Robust solution for multiple problems like ground improvement, subgrade stabilization, Confinement of road embankment, drainage, and asphalt reinforcement to increase the service life of pavement.

The road, leading to Bhavnagar district (Gujrat) and the nearby salt industries was formed between the creeks, where the ground water table and flood level is high during the monsoons. The subgrade had low CBR less than 2 percent with poor soil properties.

It was required to improve the 14 km length road by the R & B department. The solution was adopted due to economy, speed of construction and sustainability. Considering the site conditions and poor soil properties, Maccaferri suggested a solution that included Double Twist wire mesh products such as gabion and Road Mesh and geosynthetic products such as MacTex®, ParaLink®, MacGrid® and MacDrain®. Gabions were provided to act as an embankment protection on the sides of the road. Nonwoven geotextile was provided to perform the separation and filtration function. High strength geogrid- ParaLink® was provided for ground improvement and uniform stress transfer to subsoil. Selection of products and solution was done meticulously to mitigate the present problems of coastal road.

Overall we successfully saved more than 20 Crores for the Department in this project. The road is serving its intended purpose very well and overlay was carried out after 9 years.

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