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Maccaferri India provides solutions to mitigate pollution in river banks.


Maccaferri India’s Gabion retaining wall protects lakes from pollution.

Bank erosion of 10 lakes in Navi Mumbai have been an environmental issue since long. Although a UCR wall was previously installed to protect the banks, they were nonetheless still damaged and had to be replaced via a new solution. The prime objective of the project was to protect the environment.

The Ganesha festival is a holy celebration in Mumbai. As a way of ritual the Ganesha idols are immersed into lakes and ponds. Since these idols are made up out of Plaster from Paris and other toxic chemicals, they do not decompose or get diluted with water. Thus they pollute the environment and the maintenance of the water body becomes a major issue of concern. In order to avoid such a complication, the client searched for a solution that was both environmentally friendly as well as able to protect the lake from further getting polluted.

In light of these demands, Maccaferri suggested the installment of a partition wall made of Gabions, the aim of which is to prevent the flow of Ganesha idols to reach deeper areas of the lake. These lakes are located in Digha, Ghansoli, Gunali, Karave, Khalan, Talao, Nerul, Rabada, Shravane and Turbhe.

The Municipal Corporation realized that the existing UCR wall failed to protect the lake bank. A Gabion retaining wall was thus proposed in order to protect the lake banks.

Gabions allow free drainage and also have the benefit factor of consuming less time. Moreover, Gabions use stones that are readily available at the construction sites. The structural integrity of Gabions allows for the surrounding vegetation to thrive. Ultimately, to realize the project, the following products were used: heavily galvanized and PVC coated Gabion and Terram 1000 filter geotextile.

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