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Maccaferri successfully stabilizes a Creek Road in Bhavnagar with series of advanced engineering pavement solutions.

Bhāvnagar is a city in the state of Gujarat, and it is situated 198 km from the state capital Gandhinagar. This proposed Creek Kalatalav Sanesh road is the approach road to Bhavnagar District, and it is also the approach road for the nearby Salt Industries. The proposed route is formed between the Creeks, where the ground water table is high, and flood level is also high during the monsoon. Also, subgrade strength was found to be CBR<2% with poor soil properties. The road used to demand high maintenance and repair cost.

R & B department referred the problem to Maccaferri for the improvement of 14km length proposed road. Maccaferri’s design solution to the query was straight forward. Ease and speed of construction were a major factor in the design selection process. Considering the site’s condition and poor soil properties, Maccaferri suggested a composite that would help to allow for enough strength for road pavement construction; necessary for this success of this project.

Most prominently, Maccaferri chose to use an array of geosynthetic products to resolve the pavement query. For over 30 years, geogrids have reinforced and strengthened soils, enabling the ground to perform better than it would in its unreinforced state, accommodating greater loads, standing at steeper angles and reducing settlement.

The solution included Double Twist wire mesh products such as Gabion and RoadMesh and Geosynthetic products such as MacTex, ParaLink, MacGrid, and MacDrain. Gabions were provided to act as embankment protection on the sides of the proposed road. Nonwoven Geotextile was given to perform the separation and filtration.

High Strength Geogrid, ParaLink was provided for improving both the ground conditions and the uniform stress transfer to subsoil. The selected products for the solution were chosen with care and expertise to allow for the smooth mitigation of the roads destruction.

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