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Maccaferri India contributed to a coastal project with a Gabion based solution

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Maccaferri’s Gabions helped secure embankments designed to save human and animal lives from frequent flooding in the State of Orissa.

The State of Orissa is one of the thirteen cyclone prone States in the country that are vulnerable to the destructive impacts of storms. The coastal districts of Orissa are prone to frequent cyclonic storms, and concurrent flood hazards are causing considerable loss of human lives, domestic animals, agriculture and other properties.

The worst disaster of the 20th century hit the coastal Orissa in the form of the super cyclone on 29th & 30th of October 1999, inflicting severe damages in 14 districts of the State. Thousands of lives perished due to non-availability of protected shelters, particularly in the areas prone to storm surge. In the months after the super cyclone, the State Government decided to build elevated structures, which can withstand very high wind speeds and protect human and animal lives from flooding and saline inundation.

The Water Resources Department (WRD), Government of Orissa executed the saline embankments sub-projects (23 Nos.) under the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project(NCRMP). They turned to Maccaferri India in search of a solution to their queries.

As the existing saline embankments were timeworn and were made solely out of the earth, they became an easy target for damage caused by flooding and erosion. To heighten the effectiveness of the existing embankments against the cyclone surge of the 50 year return period, WRD decided to raise and strengthen the levees by using Maccaferri Gabions under NCRMP. The embankments also protect the area from river floods.

The sluices would help in evacuating the storm from the cultivated fields. There work will substantially benefit the coastal area affected by it by providing protection to the agricultural property from damage due to the Saline inundation. It will facilitate communication over the saline embankments and contribute significantly to saving local lives. The Social and Economic status of the area has improved after completion of this project.

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