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Road Rehabilitation in Batam Island with our Terramesh® System


Our ParaLink® 300 high performance geogrids were used to reinforce the MSE wall

A massive landslide in Bukit Kemuning, Batam, affected some dwellings and a road, forcing residents to evacuate their homes and causing traffic disruptions. To repair the damaged road and rehabilitate the existing soil profile, we proposed a 14 m high MSE retaining wall using our Terramesh® System with ParaLink® high performance geogrids as primary reinforcement. The project was successfully completed last month.

The project site is located in Bukit Kemuning, Batam, in a mountain area which is subject to heavy rainfalls. Due to the poor road drainage system, the rain water runoff triggered a massive landslide which damaged the adjacent residential area, forcing residents to temporarily evacuate their homes. Damages to the road also caused traffic disruptions.

The Public Works Department decided to rehabilitate the existing soil profile and repair the road, also improving the drainage system.

We proposed to use a Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall with a maximum height of 14 meters. The proposed solution was the combination of our Terramesh® System reinforced soil structure and high performance geogrids ParaLink®, which were used as primary reinforcement. The ParaLink® geogrids chosen for this project had a tensile strength of 300 kN/m. A 30 cm thick rock layer wrapped with geotextile was included in the system for drainage.

Static and seismic analysis were performed to check the global stability and the stability of the retaining wall (sliding, overturning and bearing capacity) using our MacSTARS W software.

In addition, we provided on-site assistance during installation and helped client and design consultant with construction quality assurance.

For more information, please download our case history.

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