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Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses are designed to prevent unconfined river bodies from flooding


The Public Works Department chose to use Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses for the Way Liring flood prevention project in the Maluku Province of Indonesia.

Way Liring is located in the South-West of Seram Island, in the Maluku Province of Indonesia. During the rainy season, an unconfined river body was threatening the surrounding areas, populated by the local community, with frequent floods. The objective of the work was to build a dike that worked to confine the high levels of water flow and thus mitigate flooding. The dike was planned to be built with locally available loose soil (mainly sandy clay).

In light of this, the Public Works Department decided to build the dike and cover it with a durable and flexible revetment system to prevent the erosion of the fine soil particles. The department decided to use Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses, measuring 30 cm in thickness to protect the dike.

Reno Mattresses are cages, engineered from double twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. Delivered flat-packed, they are assembled and then filled with hard, durable materials including stone delivered to, or found at the project site to form flexible, permeable and monolithic structures such as river bank protection and channel linings for erosion control.

According to the test results gathered during the Colorado State University hydraulic test campaign, Reno Mattresses enable tangential stream flow velocities measuring up to 6m/s to pass over dikes without sustaining damage. Reno Mattresses have proven to be a valid alternative to the traditional coating systems used in Indonesia (rip-rap or masonry walls) both regarding flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness.

For this project, Maccaferri provided:

  • the client with job site supervision
  • the contractor with installation assistance to ensure that the highest construction and installation standards were being followed.

All the stability checks for Reno Mattress structures were performed by the Maccaferri team using internally developed calculation software.

This particular river revetment project in Way Lirang aptly exemplifies how Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses can be applied.

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