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New road in Central Sulawesi protected from erosion hazards


Our MacMat reinforced with DT wire mesh combines erosion protection and suface stabilization

Along a new road in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, there are many cut slopes suffering soil erosion issues, mostly as a consequence of the heavy rainfalls affecting the area. Our MacMat R geomat reinforced with double twist steel wire mesh, was selected as the optimum solution for this project as it provides erosion protection and surface reinforcement in one product.

MacMat is a three-dimensional erosion control mat manufactured from entangled polypropylene mono-filaments, heat bonded at the contact points. Its main application areas are slope protection and erosion control. During heavy rains, the mat prevents erosion due to rain fall impact and run-off and protects the otherwise vulnerable vegetation. As plants grow within the mesh, their roots become entangled within the MacMat which further reinforces the root system.

Here, the slopes to be protected have a height ranging from 5 to 30 metres with a significant 60°-70° inclination. This design of the surface protection revealed that the geomat had to be reinforced due to the demanding soil properties of the slopes. Therefore MacMat R was selected as it is reinforced with double twisted steel wire woven mesh giving the geomat mechanical characteristics greater than those recommended in EN 10223-3.

A revegetation mulch was also applied to accelerate the establishment of vegetation within the mat and into the native soils beneath. Once vegetated, the MacMat R will lower runoff velocities and thereby increase infiltration and reduce discharge.

The total surface area completed to date is 20,000 m² but the project is expected to reach to 200,000 m² by the end of next year.

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