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Maccaferri Indonesia mitigates landslide hazards present around the area of the Jatigede Dam


Different solutions have been devised to reduce the landslide phenomenon in order to ensure the stabilisation of the slope

The Jatigede Dam mega project originated as a result of the partnership between the Indonesian and the Chinese governments to comply with the power supply requirement of 110 MW and the irrigation of 90.000 Ha of agricultural soil. The lithology around the area of the Jatigede Dam consists of residual soil, claystone and volcanic breccia localised on the base layer at various depths between 10 to 20 m.

Maccaferri was asked to prevent and mitigate a serious landslide hazard present around the area of the dam that is induced by the loss of friction between soil and stone layers in a residual bank embankment. The phenomenon occurs during the rise of ground water level. This issue had to be tackled carefully and with a studied approach as it had the potential of undermining slope stability and therefore compromising the performance of the Dam’s operation.

The challenges present were solved at the site with the implementation of a combo between Maccaferri Terramesh System and bore piles. The bore pile structure purpose is to oppose the sliding and sinking forces. The function of the Terramesh System is to protect and stabilise the slope.

The installed Terramesh fronting is made up of a gabion structure who’s permeable characteristic allows for the draining of excess water. As a result, erosion processes are prevented. This prevention methodise is furthermore enhanced by the implementation of Mactex—a non-woven geotextile that was placed behind the gabion to act as a filter/separator to contain fill material made of smaller particles within the structure.

The drainage system, requires the replacement of rigid lining with a combination of gabion and reno mattress.

In 2014 Maccaferri proposed that the stone material be replaced by a combination of wrapped geogrid WG 12. This idea was grounded upon the fact that the extraction of material stone had been restricted by the local population of the Jatigede area.

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