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Maccaferri uses Reno Mattresses and Gabions to mitigate erosion


Gabion and Reno Mattress based solutions are steadily replacing more traditional engineered systems due to their flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness

Reno Mattress and Gabion solution are increasingly being used in Indonesia. Recent projects, such as the flood prevention project in Way Liring in the Maluku Province of Indonesia, and the below described work exemplify how such solutions can be applied and to what extent they can replace traditional stone masonry revetments.

The Ministry of Public Works planned to strengthen 7 water courses for irrigation purpose in Gresik Regency (East Java).
The target was to install a durable channel lining in order to limit the erosion processes and to minimize the channels maintenance works carried out every year.

In fact, during the months of the rainy season, the cross section of the channels was severely damaged by the erosion processes. In light of this continuous earthworks, designed to restore the original shape of the channel, were needed.

Given these parameters, Maccaferri proposed a reliable erosion prevention solution using a revetment made from Reno Mattresses to protect the channel banks. This system was already previously installed in the Way Liring flood prevention project in the Maluku Province of Indonesia.

As such, gabions and Reno Mattresses have proven to be a valid alternative to stone masonry revetments due to their flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness. All the double twisted products used for the project are Galfan (Zn+Al) and are polymer coated to guarantee high durability when used in river training works.

Maccaferri supported the Client with detailed design and construction drawings. Maccaferri also provided the Client with jobsite supervision and the Contractor with installation assistance, to ensure that the construction and installation standards were properly followed.

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