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Maccaferri installs Terramesh and MacGrid WG for a crusher wall in a cement factory


PT Maccaferri Indonesia collaborates with PT Indocement to build a crusher wall using  Terramesh and Macgrid WG products into an earthquake prone area in the South of Jakarta

Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an area with a lot of tectonic shifting, Indonesia has to handle the constant risk of earthquakes, floods volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis. Indonesia has made global headlines due to notable occurrences of devastating natural disasters that resulted in the death of civilians, and the destruction of nature and infrastructures.

To elaborate further, the seismicity or seismic activity of the area of Jakarta is high. Bereft by earthquakes, Jakartan constructions stand under constant threat. Rockfall and landslides are standard after effects of earthquakes.

Since the beginning of its founding Maccaferri has promoted the development of products and solutions for soil stabilization and earth retaining structures. Most importantly, Maccaferri strives to be the leading technical reference for designing and developing advanced projects. The commitment to innovation and finding a solution to clients’ problems has drawn the attention of customers worldwide.

Recently, Maccaferri Indonesia was chosen by PT Indocement, the second largest cement producer in Indonesia, to provide a solution for a flexible and versatile retaining structure as crusher wall to be connected with an existing concrete vertical wall.

The total soil height to be retained was approximately 14m. Since the area is characterized by a high seismicity level, an horizontal seismic acceleration equal to 0.23g had to be considered in the design process.

As result of the technical-economical comparison with alternative solutions, PT Indocement opted for the construction of an Hybrid Reinforced Soil Wall. This technology combines metallic reinforcements (Terramesh System) and woven polymeric grids (MacGrid WG). Terramesh System acts as fascia providing the local stability at the facing, ensuring that no local mechanism of direct sliding, pull-out or rotational failure can occur. MacGrid WG guarantee the overall and compound internal stability of the structure thanks to the high tensile forces developed when they are intercepted by a potential slip surface.

Alongside the Terramesh system and the MacGrid WG supply, Maccaferri collaborated to the design process using the in-house Limit Equilibrium Method software MacStars W 4.0. Moreover, Maccaferri provided assistance and supervision during the wall construction. The construction of the wall took approximately two months, and the project terminated in June 2015.

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