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Maccaferri’s solution for Rockfall Mitigation at Sentani, Papua

Rockfall Protection

Due to the occurrence of several rockfall accidents affecting road users, better mitigation was required

Road and bridge development is one of the focus of the Indonesian government in implementing infrastructure development across all regions of Indonesia. The national road in Sentani was built with the aim of facilitating vehicle access to Sentani Airport from downtown Jayapura. 

The national road that connects the city center of Jayapura with Sentani Airport has a high risk of rockfall, due to the weathered condition of the rock slopes along the road. The government has made mitigation efforts by using shotcrete as a passive protection system at several points along the road. However, the results of shotcrete are less satisfactory due to the relatively high cost, poor drainage system and inflexibility.

The total length of the slope that needs to be protected during this first stage of the project is approximately 32 meters, while the total height of the slope reaches 75 meters with an inclination on the horizontal up to 57°. Maccaferi Indonesia proposed a solution as an alternative to shotcrete with a more affordable price, having a much better drainage system and more flexible.

Maccaferri provided solutions with a more flexible and permeable drapery system to reduce the risk of rockfalls. Maccaferri’s drapery system also reduces maintenance costs that previously had to be incurred by the government. The designer has carried out an analysis of the system using MACRO 1 software and as a result, our product Steelgrid HR 30 combined with 2.5m length of anchors (2x2m spacing) was selected for this project.

Maccaferri’s solution succeeded in preventing rockfalls and reducing the number of victims due to rockfalls. The government is satisfied with Maccaferri’s solution and currently Maccaferri also implementing the rockfall mitigation solution at the other points along the road.

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