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Rockfall Mitigation Provides Safety for Maros Elevated Road Users

Steelgrid rockfall

Due to the construction of the Maros Elevated Road, South Sulawesi through the Karst Forest, large pieces of rock slope increased the potential for rockfall

The Ministry of PUPR issues a tender for the design and installation of rockfall mitigation systems. Maccaferri approached the tender with Steelgrid® HR 30 products

To improve the continuity transportation in South Sulawesi, especially Makassar – Bone, the Indonesian government has started the construction of elevated road infrastructure in Maros Regency since 2017. The elevated road that was built could shorten the logistics route from Makassar to replace the previous road which was long and steep. The work consisted of constructing a 314 m bridge with 11 m width, approach slab construction with 413 m approaching road, and a 2 km widening of the road with the contractor PT. Wijaya Karya (Persero) joint operation with PT. Hutama Karya (Persero).

Construction of the Maros Elevated Road was carried out through the Karst forest and required several large cuts of rock slopes. This causes a potential risk for rockfall. The Ministry of PUPR issued a tender for the design and installation of a rockfall mitigation system along a cut slope which has a height exceeding 30 m to reduce the rockfall potential on road users.

The engineers and the local Public Works technical personnel department designed the components of the rockfall drapery system. The client wanted a drapery system that can be installed in one section that will cover the entire slope. A drapery system with steel meshes was selected for clear cost-effective advantages compared to other traditional solutions such as shotcrete. The contractor chose Steelgrid® HR 30 from Maccaferri as the netting material. The material selected such as netting, anchors, grouting, ropes, and accessories complied with the recently developed national specification for Public Works rockfall protection projects (Spesifikasi Khusus Interim SKh. 1.3.16: Jaring Kawat dan Jaring Kabel Sebagai Pengaman Lereng Batuan).

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