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Rockfall Mitigation on Access Road in West Java Province

Rockfall mitigation

Access road in West Java Province is one of the areas included in the national road section. This road section is one of the Government’s priorities to be revitalized and widened. The reason is that the narrow road conditions make the traffic barely flowing and causing congestion. This widening of the road is expected to overcome these problems and improve the economy of local residents.

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing had plans to widen the roads by cutting the slope with height up to  50 meters. The stretch length is around 320 meters and the initial road width of approx. 4 meters will be widened up to 14 meters. Excavation of rock cliffs is very risky for potential rock falls, especially for cliffs with very steep angles. Therefore, Maccaferri proposes solutions to deal with the potential of falling rocks in order to minimize the potential hazard in the future.

Maccaferri provided two types of wire mesh netting with specifications and technical performance according to the design and type of slope surface. The first is the high strength wire mesh netting SteelGrid HR coated with GalMac (Zn-Al alloy), highly effective for rocky slopes and having mesh tensile strength up to 150 kN/m. The second is a surficial erosion mitigation system composed of MacMat EM (erosion control geomat) reinforced by Hot-dip galvanized wire mesh to protect the slopes that consist of small stone flakes and coarse-grained soils.

Both technical solutions are installed at the site using the Simple Drapery System where the anchors are installed only at top of the cliff, hence allowing detached rocks to fall in a controlled manner to reach the foot of the cliff. Trenches are specially made at the toe of the slope to accommodate any falling rock. Routine maintenance is also recommended by cleaning the trench from collapsed rock material so that the trench can be used optimally.

The rockfall mitigation solutions provided by Maccaferri has proven to work properly by retaining the massive falling rock material on the side of the road. The protection system has succeeded in preventing the occurrence of falling rocks which can block road access, cause road damage and resulting in fatalities. The surficial erosion mitigation system has a distinctive green color so it can be easily “mixed” with the surrounding vegetation and greenery and this road stretch has become a touristic attraction.

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