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Rancamaya Golf Estate affected by landslide in Bogor, West Java

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Safety in the residential area is restored thanks to our Gabion mass-gravity wall and Reno Mattresses

A landslide occurred in the Rancamaya Golf Estate in Bogor, West Java, threatening the stability of some dwellings located above a 10m high embankment. We provided a landslide rehabilitation solution using a 7m high gabion wall and Reno Mattresses. The project was successfully completed in two months and safety in the area is now restored.

Owned by the company Suryamas Dutamakmur, Rancamaya Golf Estate is a 400-hectare premium residential area located in the green landscape of Bogor, West Java. Some dwellings are located on a steeply sloped embankment approximately 10m high with a drainage channel at its toe. The water course is approximately 5m wide. Due to the combined action of the water flow eroding the toe of the embankment and the heavy rainfalls, a landslide occurred which if not addressed would threaten the stability of the houses.

We provided a landslide rehabilitation solution using a 7m high gabion retaining wall. Reno Mattresses were placed at the foot of the gravity structure as scour protection within the channel.

Stability checks were performed using our software MacStarsW, under static, seismic and during-construction loads.

We provided the client, Suryamas Dutamakmur, with jobsite supervision and the contractor Anugrah Harapan Mandiri with installation assistance to ensure that suitable construction and installation standards were followed. Construction work lasted approximately 2 months and was successfully completed in May 2016.

For more information, download our case history.

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