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FlexMac DT product: a good answer to Indonesia’s current hydro-meteorological crisis.


Maccaferri Indonesia works on minimizing the hydro-meteorological crisis by introducing FlexMac DT—an economically valid, durable, emergency solution against rising levels of water.

In the past two years, Indonesia has suffered great damage from flooding and landslides. Thousands are continuously displaced by floods (particularly in Java and Lombok), and countless people have been forced to relocate due to floods and landslides.

Authorities believe that this year’s rainy season is likely to peak by the end of January or early February (2016), causing increased risk of floods and landslides to millions of people who live in flood-prone areas in Indonesia.

Maccaferri Indonesia devised a broad range of solutions designed to suit most hydraulic applications. A product called FlexMac DT stands out as an obvious candidate for hydraulic queries as it provides an effective answer to the flooding crisis in the East Asian hemisphere.

In summary, FlexMac DT is used as a rapid to deploy barrier for flood protection, raise embankments and provide buttressing support for temporary works.

It consists of a multicellular structure made of hexagonal double twisted wire mesh. The mesh is reinforced with vertical steel rods and internally lined with a non-woven geotextile sleeve.

The cellular structure is filled in-situ with locally available fill material to provide a barrier system against rising water, or to buttress excavations in temporary works.

FlexMac DT units are joined to each other longitudinally by using connecting pins to obtain the required length of the structure.

Once the FlexMac DT unit has served its emergency use, it is possible to reuse the unit, by carefully lifting it, allowing the fill material to fall out.

Ultimately, the products (1) strength and durability (2) flexibility (3) economy and (4) beneficial environmental and humanitarian impact, make it an ideal solution for works of hydraulic nature. Its unique ability to reduce erosion by reducing water flow has the capacity of preventing dangerous landslides from destroying homes and lives.

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