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Maccaferri Erosion Control System on Cut Slopes at Sindang Heula Dam, Serang.


The potential for soil erosion on the cut slopes at the Sindang Heula Dam needs to be handled with an appropriate method. Maccaferri Indonesia presents an effective solution to overcome the erosion problem by taking account on the vegetation growing.

The cut slopes at the Sindang Heula Dam required treatment for erosion potentials. the soil type on the cut slopes is dominated by sandy-clay soils. Maccaferri Indonesia has presented the right solution to overcome the potential of erosion effectively and efficiently.

The Sindang Heula Dam, located in Serang Regency, Banten Province, has 9.3 million cubic meters which provides irrigation benefits to 1,280 hectares of rice fields in Serang. The dam construction began in 2015 and was inaugurated on March 4, 2021 by President Joko Widodo accompanied by the Minister of Public Works Basuki Hadimuljono. Joko Widodo said, “This dam is also useful for flood control by reducing flooding by 50 cubic meters per second from its overflow condition. The overflowed rivers are such as: Siujung River and Cidurian River. These rivers often inundate Serang Regency and its surroundings.” In addition, Sindang Heula also functions as a power plant by generating 0.40 megawatts through a hydropower. This utilization is considered to reduce the dependence on fossil energy. There is also the tourism potential and nature conservation in this area. “The dam is expected to improve the welfare of the surrounding community”, Joko Widodo added.

The surrounding slopes need to be protected from the potential erosion. The slope which is mainly composed of sandy-clay soil required protection from erosion created by rain and surface water flow. The selection of the right solution is necessary in order to prevent failure by the presence of water. Erosion Control Solution by Maccaferri Indonesia was selected considering its ability to allow surface seepage and to grow vegetation (LCC – Legume Cover Crop).

An Erosion Control System made of a combination between HDPE Geomat and double-twisted wire mesh panel with longitudinal high tensile strength steel cables called Macmat HS® was installed on the slopes. After MacMat HS® is properly installed on the cut slopes, the next step is to apply the array of mulching on the surface of MacMat HS®. The materials for the mulching consist of planting media, seeds, and fertilizers. The vegetation shall bring the nature back as rehabilitation. Available in rolls, MacMat HS® has an easy installation procedure with the support of a T-shaped deformed bar to hold the mesh onto the cut slope. Maccaferri Erosion Control System shall grant some advantages such as: Easy and Quick Installation; Allows drainage on the surface of the slope; Allows vegetation as rehabilitation; Capable for combination with Soil Nailing; Suitable for steep slopes.

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