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Maccaferri Erosion Control Solution by Growing Vegetation at Leuwikeris Dam.


Erosion mitigation at Leuwikeris Dam by Maccaferri is carried out effectively and efficiently by growing vegetation on slopes that have the potential for soil erosion.

Several cut slopes in Leuwikeris Dam Phase 1 required mitigation for potential erosion, which most of the slopes are consisted of fine-grained soil. Maccaferri Indonesia delivered the right solution to overcome potential erosion and avoid environmental damage by growing vegetation.

The Leuwikeris Dam is located in two districts, Ciamis and Tasikmalaya, West Java Province. The Directorate General of Water Resources under the authority of Ministry of PUPR started the construction since 2016 and targeted to be complete in 2021 with the construction process reaching 59.52% by the end of July 2020. The Leuwikeris Dam has several functions, such as a source of irrigation, Hydro Power Plant, Tourist attraction, and water conservation. Leuwikeris Dam is capable on handling the water supply as much as 850 m3 /L per second, reducing flood potential by 11.7% from 509.7 m3/second to 450.02 m3/second, and having the potential of electric generating of 20 MW. Leuwikeris Dam is planned to channel the irrigation network covering 11,216 hectares of North and South Lakbok Irrigation Areas.

Leuwikeris Dam is divided into 4 phases which carried out by several contractors. In the first phase, there are many cut slopes that need to be protected from erosion potential. Most of the soil on the cut slopes consists of fine-grained soil. The solution must be done properly to avoid damage for the environment that will endanger the project infrastructure.

Maccaferri Indonesia offered a solution that is able to overcome the erosion and generate green area by growing vegetation. The erosion control system, MacMat HS® by Maccaferri Indonesia consists of a combination of HDPE Geomat and double twisted wire mesh panels with longitudinal high tensile strength steel cables. After MacMat HS® has been properly installed on the cut slope, the next step is to apply an array of mulching on the MacMat HS® surface. The materials for the mulching consist of: planting media; seeds; and fertilizers. For several areas, soil nailing is required as additional reinforcement for slope stability. With proper maintenance, vegetation can thrive, and erosion control systems will work effectively.

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