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Green and Reinforced Slope at Sampoerna Academy Sentul


Due to its hilly topography, the Sampoerna Academy Sentul sports field was built on flat land as a result of slope cutting. Therefore, it is necessary to have slope protection to protect the area from potential landslides and erosion.

Apart from having the main purpose of protecting the facilities and the users, green areas can provide good environmental value to make the area blend with nature yet protected.

Sampoerna Academy Sentul is a modern educational institution located in Sentul City, West Java. Sentul has a hilly topography, so the sports field owned by Sampoerna Academy Sentul was built on flat land as a result of slope cutting. The slopes at the facility have a sandy-clay soil type. Therefore, it is necessary to have slope protection to protect the facility from potential landslides and erosion caused by rain and surface water flow.

In 2019, MSE Wall – Green Terramesh by Maccaferri was selected considering its flexibility and its ability of free drainage which allows water to flow on the surface and mitigating the excess pore water pressure of the structural fill. In addition, its ability to grow vegetation is an environmental added value for this project.

MSE Wall by Maccaferri consists of Green Terramesh as secondary reinforcement and MacGrid WG 15 geogrid as primary reinforcement. Both work systematically together with a well compacted structural backfill to become a stable retaining wall structure. For the filtration layer between Green Terramesh and structural fill, there is Geotextile Non-Woven, allowing water to flow out without carrying any soil particles. There is also Macdrain W 1061 drainage composite that works as subdrain layer between structural fill and existing backfill, providing drainage for any incoming water from the rear of the structure.

Green Terramesh is selected to be the facing of the structure because it is an environmentally friendly modular system used for soil reinforcement made of pre-assembled units fabricated with double twisted wire mesh, an erosion control blanket, a welded mesh panel, pre-formed steel brackets, and steel tie rods to be connected at the job site to shape the unit to the required slope angle. The facing retains the backfill soil and supports LCC-Legume Cover Crop vegetation that will cover the surface.

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