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Gabion & Reno Mattress combination solutions against beach erosion

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Maccaferri Indonesia constructed a gabion wall coupled with Reno Mattresses to reduce the ongoing beach erosion process at a private property in Bali, Indonesia.

Erosion on coastlines is a typical problem in South East Asia. Maccaferri Indonesia has provided erosion mitigation solutions to projects throughout Indonesia. A typical installation consists of a combination of double twist wire mesh Gabions and Reno Mattresses that makes for both a cost effective, and durable structure. A recent project in Tanah Lot, Bali exemplifies how this solution can resolve erosion cases.

The owner of a resort located on a beach near Tanah Lot (Bali, Indonesia) asked Maccaferri to provide an environmentally friendly solution designed to limit the ongoing erosion processes on his property. The main wave direction in this particular area is perpendicular to the shoreline. This phenomenon was causing an offshore transport, resulting in the progressive erosion of a sandy beach during the rainy season. The client’s plan of action with the aim of the resort development was to protect an area along the coast measuring approximately 30m in length. Following the resort development plan, the protected area will be used for the construction of a swimming pool. It is worth noting that, an owner of a nearby property has built a concrete crib wall which collapsed after one year due to a severe toe scour to mitigate the same erosion issue.

Following extensive planning and on-site research peculiar to the project in question, the project team determined that the Maccaferri proposal of a gabion installation would provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for the erosion problem. Given this decision, a 100m long gabion sea wall was installed in front of the property to protect it against wave action during the rainy season.

Countermeasures to face the risk of toe scour and structure collapse were taken. 1m high gabions were used as foundation and 30cm thick and 3m long Reno Mattresses as a scour protection apron were installed to minimize the risk of structure failure. The flexible structure of the Reno mattresses accommodates foundation deformations even in cases of severe toe scouring due to wave action. This is a quality of the double twist mesh. All the double twisted wire mesh products used Galmac (Zinc-Aluminum alloy) and were additionally PVC coated to meet the clients requirements regarding structure durability.

A nonwoven geotextile (MacTex MXL) to provide a a filtration function was placed between gabions and the backfill material. The construction of the gabion wall was finished in September 2015, before the beginning of the rainy season. One year after the end of the works, the structure successfully mitigated beach erosion during the rainy season.

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