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Our Erosion Control System now protects Cut Slope at biggest hydroelectric dam in Lampung province

MacMat geomat

A cut slope at the Way Sekampung Dam Project (Pringsewu – Lampung) was potentially at risk from erosion. Therefore, it required extra protection to prevent the destruction caused by rain and surface water flow. After careful consideration, our Erosion Control System was chosen to drain the water and allow vegetation to grow.

Way Sekampung Dam is the biggest hydroelectric dam in Lampung province. It was planned as a recreational dam and tourist attraction. There are many cut slopes alongside the road from the entrance to the spillway. These cut slopes needed protection from the erosion caused by rain and surface water flow. Some of the cut slopes had already been shored up with shotcrete, but still needed to be improved. Responding to this need, Maccaferri came up with a preferable solution for a better result.

Our erosion control system is made of a combination of HDPE geomat and double-twisted wire mesh panel with longitudinal high tensile strength steel cables called Macmat® HS. A mulch of seeds was applied to the Macmat® HS to encourage vegetation, which will bring nature back as a form of rehabilitation. In some areas, Soil Nailing was added to provide additional reinforcement and stability.

Available in rolls, Macmat® HS is easily installed. The procedure requires a T-shape deformed bar to hold the mesh onto the cut slope.

Our Erosion Control System has many advantages including:

  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Surface drainage on the slope
  • Allowing vegetation to grow
  • Capable of being combined with Soil Nailing
  • Suitability for steep slopes.

The project began in March 2018 and has been in progress until now. The work was acknowledged as a successful project and also earned positive feedback from the Public Work Minister of Indonesia, who was impressed with the result. The Minister has now invited The Dam Project Head Division across other parts of Indonesia to join with the Way Sekampung team to learn how to solve erosion problems successfully.

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