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Maccaferri designed and supplied Gabions and Reno Mattresses for a weir in Ambon


Construction of a Gabion and Reno Mattress weir in Way Ruhu to control flood water and as a sediment catchment

Gabions and Reno Mattresses have shown to be a valid alternative to the use of reinforced concrete for the construction of weirs traditionally used in Indonesia.
Indonesia, suffers from significant amounts of strong precipitation. Recently, The Public Works Department chose to use Maccaferri’s Reno Mattresses for the Way Liring flood prevention project in the Maluku Province of Indonesia. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the same river, Maccaferri solved a further flooding query in Way Ruhu.

Way Ruhu is located in the South of Seram Island, in the Maluku Province of Indonesia. The Public Works Department planned to build a check dam on the river Ruhu as a flood control and sediment catchment structure in order to stabilize the river basin surrounding the populated areas. The check dam is 3.5 m high and 35 m wide and features a 15m long stilling basin. The weir and the stilling basin are entirely built using flexible 1.0 m thick Maccaferri gabions and 30cm thick Reno Mattresses. The mattresses are flexible modular elements that can accommodate high levels of deformation and settlement without compromising the weir body integrity; vital in hydraulic structures such as these.

The metallic structures are capped with concrete to prevent excessive abrasion of the double twist mesh due to suspended debris and sediment within the high water flows. Gabions can accommodate river flow velocities greater than 6m/s without sustaining damage (according to the test results gathered during the Colorado State University  hydraulic test campaign). After the weir construction, the structure experienced a severe flood without any visible damage. Gabions and Reno Mattresses have shown to be a valid alternative to the use of reinforced concrete for weir construction traditionally used in Indonesia in terms of flexibility, durability and cost effectiveness. Maccaferri supported the Client with detailed design and construction drawings.

Furthermore, Maccaferri provided the Client with job-site supervision and the Contractor with installation assistance in order to ensure that the highest construction and installation standards were followed.

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