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Who: Global Engineers

In the 19th century, we invented Gabions and dramatically changed civil engineering’s landscape. We are still changing it today. We work everyday, with 140 years of our history, to find better solutions for our clients at every degree of latitude and longitude. We make innovation happen around the world, we share our knowledge capital to multiply the return on investment of clients and partners, and we offer ongoing support to establish relations built on solid trust. This is us: Maccaferri.

We are a global company, with more than 70 subsidiaries operating in 5 continents, with an on-site presence in more than 100 countries, and over 3000 employees: we are highly-specialized professionals trained in designing and developing complex solutions in the civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental construction markets. Our worldwide network grows through innovation and diversification of its sectors of activity and through an increasing range of high quality and environmentally-friendly products and applications.

We do not simply sell products: we strive to be the leading technical reference for designing and developing advanced projects. We are strongly committed to solving our clients’ problems by providing better solutions through attentive listening, innovation and collaboration.

To meet the challenges of the future, we have a very strong asset to rely on: 140 years of documented history, starting from Raffaele Maccaferri’s stroke of genius who in 1879 invented the modern Gabion, all the way to the current worldwide network operating in multiple markets. Today we are the undisputed leader in the manufacturing and supply of gabions and associated wire mesh products to the global construction industry.

Inspired by the ambition to solve even more complex problems, our expansion goes on: today we produce a wide range of geosynthetics including geogrids and geocomposites in numerous factories around the world. We are always striving for innovation. We keep searching for constant improvement. We are Maccaferri.

Enduring History


Maccaferri Indonesia

Maccaferri Indonesia is part of Maccaferri Industrial Group, headquartered in Maccaferri Officine Italy. Our presence in Indonesia dates back almost 30 years. One factory facilities in Tangerang produces high standards import quality Double Twist (DT) wire products such as Gabions, Terramesh System and Reno Mattresses. PT. Maccaferri Indonesia is a leader in Indonesia for providing Better Engineering Solutions for the application of Geosynthetics and DT Products in the Infrastructure, Mining, Hydraulic & Costal works, River Training and Environmental Sectors with a wide range of case history gathered over the years.

Global Engineers

For nearly 140 years, Maccaferri has provided innovative solutions to the construction industry and built environment. Renowned as the world leader in gabion retaining structures, Maccaferri has diversified significantly over the past 20 years and now offers engineered solutions from reinforced soil structures, road stabilization and natural hazard mitigation to hydraulic works and landfill construction. From worldwide headquarters in Bologna, Italy, Officine Maccaferri is a privately held company with revenues of nearly €0.5 billion, over 30 plants worldwide, more than 70 subsidiaries, and local operations in 100 countries and employs almost 3000 people.

 Founded in 1879, Officine Maccaferri was soon to become a reference worldwide in the design and development of advanced solutions for erosion control and soil stabilization. Over time, however, the company has evolved so that today it is also a reliable partner for complex civil and environmental engineering applications. This aptitude for technological innovation is the result of continuous dedication, which, alongside experience and technical know-how, has enabled the Maccaferri Group to leverage high levels of efficiency. Concepts transformed into versatile solutions meet our customers’ specific requirements, while maintaining a sustainable environmental balance.

Consultancy and partnership

Maccaferri does not just offer to its customer’s simple collaboration but a real partnership which goes beyond merely supplying products.

Maccaferri is a partner that works alongside its customers from the very start. It is a reliable partner not only thanks to its extensive portfolio of top quality products, but also thanks a constant and intense activity of Research & Development. As well as versatile solutions that can be adapted to local situations, it makes its technical know-how available to create a virtual circle in which each factor (products, experience and innovative practice) is improved by each activity.

Maccaferri tackles every project with the aim of identifying, dealing with and resolving each customer’s actual needs, and the results of this attitude produce benefits which can be appreciated over time.

Executive profiles



Riccardo LANERI
Managing Director
Riccardo has more than 20 years of experience with a demonstrated history of Leadership, Business Development, and Management in Civil Engineering and Manufacturing industry. He is an effective Communicator and Sales Professional, Expert in Project Management, Construction, and Infrastructure.



Sales and Engineer Manager
Anisur is a resourceful, people-oriented leader with a strong engineering background. He has a thorough understanding of the main drivers essential to delivering consistently good results in business growth, net profit, and customer satisfaction in the Civil Engineering and Manufacturing industries. Anisur has working experience of more than ten years in Italy, Bhutan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.



Business Development Manager
David has more than 15 years of experience and more than a decade in the industry. He has built a career in Business Development focusing on building partnerships with integrity and mutual benefits. David is an authentic and inclusive leader who leads a flexible team that does not compromise to be pleasing but delivers quality.



Technical Manager
Serkandi is an enthusiastic and motivated engineer. Adhering to Maccaferri’s Motto “Engineering A Better Solution”, Serkandi and Technical Team always provide an effective and reliable solution to the clients by adapting to the site’s needs. Serkandi earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and is currently taking a Master’s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering at Parahyangan University. Serkandi was part of the Young Engineers Program Batch 3 run by Maccaferri Corporate at Bologna, Italy.

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