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Maccaferri Beach Abrasion and Waves Protection with Gabions


The large waves that disrupted the structures located on the coast were reduced by installing Maccaferri gabions.

The villa structure of the Aston Hotel Anyer required protection against the waves. The beach sand in some areas has also been eroded by the waves, causing the coastline to become thinner. The solution chosen to deal with the problem is Maccaferri gabions.

Anyer Beach is a well-known tourist destination in Banten. The exotic beach attracts tourist visits. This beauty is also facilitated by the number of lodges and hotels, one of which is the Aston Anyer Beach Hotel which is located in Serang Regency, the coast of Anyer, Banten Province.

Aston Anyer Beach Hotel has villa facilities located on the beach. The villa was built as a stilted structure and its position is in direct contact with the salt water. The problem they faced is the big waves reached and disrupted the villa structure. In addition, big waves also caused the abrasion of beach sand in several areas.

Aston Anyer Beach Hotel decided to use gabion products from Maccaferri based on several advantages, those are:

1. It has a protective polymeric coating called PoliMac which has better and longer durability compared to generic polymers.

2. PoliMac is designed for aggressive environments, such as salt water.

3. Easy and quick installation without the need for experts and can empower local workers.

4. Stone as Gabion filler is easy to find around the location.

Gabion construction work was completed in approximately 2 months by considering the high and low tide conditions. To increase the bearing capacity of the subgrade, a steel pipe was installed at the bottom of the gabion. Construction work can be completed easily and without any difficulties.

After the Gabion construction is completed, the villa structure is more secured due to the waves approaching the villa structure will break and get slower because of the gabion structure. It also prevents abrasion in coastal areas which are protected by gabions.

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