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Hydraulic engineering works Heilongjiang Province of China


Reno Mattresses for Hydraulic engineering works

In 2013, a significant flood occurred in the Heilongjiang Province of China. Many provincial hydraulic engineering works were seriously damaged. The system management and flood prevention measures on major rivers was reviewed and an emergency water damage repair project was launched with 380 million RMB of state funds.

In July 2014, the river training works on the main stream of 3 rivers (Amur River, Songhua River and Nen River) in Heilongjiang Province were commenced, with a total length of 2,955 km of embankments and 24 billion RMB of total investment. In order to provide suitable scour protection to the channels and flood protection measures, 0.23m and 0.3m thick Reno Mattresses were specified.

Reno Mattresses are large flat double twist wire mesh units that are filled with hard, durable rock to form revetments within river and hydraulic control works. They provide high performance scour protection, protecting the river banks from erosion. Since the start of the project, Maccaferri supplied nearly 20 million m2 of Reno Mattresses in this project. Due to the presence of ice loads during winter and spring, the mattresses were specified with increased strength wire mesh for the mattress lids.

From 2nd half of 2014 to the end of June in 2016, the contract amount for Maccaferri China for this project has been approximately 100 million yuan (€13.4 million) of which 90 million yuan (€12 million) was Reno Mattresses.

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