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HELLOMAC: the new Maccaferri’s solution for making your Rockfall protections smarter


Today we’re proud to announce that we can provide our client with real-time connection to our rockfall protection systems thanks to HELLOMAC

HELLOMAC is the alert system for safeguarding lives, infrastructures and buildings protected by any kind of barriers.

It’s able to detect events (boulders, stresses, sagging, etc.) and sending real-time notifications via APP, email, SMS. Thanks to its compact and robust structure, made with a special metal alloy, it’s able to withstand environmental aggressions and considerable loads.

But there’s lot more.

HELLOMAC: your barriers are getting smarter

HELLOMAC is a smart device. It alerts you at the right moment anything happens on your barrier. Unlike traditional systems, HELLOMAC reports events on every single portion of the barrier, enabling the immediate identification of the impacted rockfall protection.

This timely tool let you to know exactly what’s going on with your rockfall protection systems.

Find out more about HELLOMAC’s timeliness.

You will feel safer without the need of additional efforts

First of all, HELLOMAC is easy to install: it can be carried to remote places due to small dimensions and lightness and it doesn’t require a hyper skilled worker to be fixed on your barrier. Plus, thanks to its five batteries (that can work in any weather condition) HELLOMAC guarantees a minimum estimated life of 5 years, making unnecessary any annual maintenance.

Why HELLOMAC is the right system to make you feel safe:

  • Extremely reliable and accurate
  • Easily deployable by any worker
  • No wiring connection activities
  • Does not need external power supply
  • Long-lasting


Do you want to know more about HELLOMAC?

Check our product page and download the Technical Data Sheet.

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