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HELLOMAC: Make your rockfall protection smarter


According to 2021 Digital Market Outlook by Statista, the world’s largest market and consumer data platform, within 2025, 478.2 million homes will be smart. That is to say, they will be fully connected houses where a single touch on a smartphone can turn the heating on and off remotely and the washing machine can independently schedule when to run the most energy-efficient washing cycle. IoT (Internet of Things) is at the heart of this revolution, as this technology will be increasingly used in many areas over the next few years. However, IoT does not only make our lives easier, it can also make them safer.

In this scenario, Maccaferri, always at the forefront of innovation, designed HELLOMAC, a new alert system developed in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano. Thanks to IoT technology, HELLOMAC ensures real-time and accurate monitoring of rockfall protection systems, even in remote areas. The device can detect any event occurring on the protection system on which it is installed (deformations, impacts, etc.) and does not need wiring, external power supply or maintenance. Installation is quite straightforward and does not require specialized labor.

HELLOMAC is a powerful ally in monitoring the security levels of mountains, slopes and roads, in line with Maccaferri’s mission to protect environment and communities through a risk prevention strategy.

HELLOMAC features an internal GPS that can instantly detect and signal the exact location of any critical event as soon as the set power threshold of the rockfall protection is exceeded. Once the signal has been sent, HELLOMAC can activate – if necessary – traffic lights or other control and alarm systems. The device works on a daily basis as it is designed to send a control signal each day, in order to report its status of functionality. The alerts are sent to the user by e-mail, text message or notification on the official app using widely employed technologies such as GPRS and UMTS systems or over satellite signal. This means that HELLOMAC can be used everywhere, even in remote areas with limited or no frequency coverage, with no need for a radio repeater.

Antoine Gagliardi, Global Head of Business Development for Rockfall products at Maccaferri, commented: “Research and technological innovation have always been part of the company’s DNA, and HELLOMAC is a major milestone for us. IoT, combined with our expertise acquired over more than 140 years in the business, will provide our partners with the highest level of security, control and reliability of our protection systems”.

If you want to find out more about how HELLOMAC works and what are its fields of application, watch our video published in the newsletter.

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