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Maccaferri Hellas as primary supplier in the major highway of Greece


As the Country is enhancing its highways network, our Company ensures efficient collaboration with top highway contractors through the supply of high quality products and expertise.

The month of April is bringing a significant event for the Greek Highways administration. According to the latest information, the Lefktro-Sparta highway is going to be open to traffic just before our Easter time (end of April).

This 47-km new sub-section of motorway will be the first to be given to traffic after 4 years, when the section Tripoli-Kalamata opened to use.

In the near future, other sections of the whole highway network are expected to open, like pieces of a puzzle, until their final completion.

Such a road network will offer significant benefits to both users and the real economy of our country. For example, someone may enter the highway at Igoumenitsa to Korinthos (approximately 370 km) and will be able to drive directly, quickly and safely in about 2.5 hours! A great improvement!

Benefits anticipated from the highway network are well-known and will positively impact many sectors of the Greek economy such as transport, agriculture and livestock, tourism and services.

The conversion process of Greek national roads to a major network will also allow Greece to function as a super-junction between Europe and Asia, thus highlighting the role of the country in transport/traffic.

In these important projects, Maccaferri Hellas has a leading role, maintaining collaboration with highway contractors through supply of high quality products, assistance to designers/contractors in the preparation of project designs and by providing aid for the correct installation of its materials.

Our know-how and good technical training of our engineers enables us to find solutions to very difficult problems arising in engineering projects which are always environmental friendly.

To learn more about our roads-related applications, such as Soil Stabilisation & Pavements, Retaining Walls & Soil Reinforcement or Rockfall Protection.

For further information do not hesitate to contact our subsidiary in Greece.

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