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Our seminar for the North East Aegean Prefecture in Mitilini gives new insights into the latest civil engineering solutions


The island of Lesvos is frequently affected by natural disasters caused by earthquakes, rockfalls and flood incidents. The authorities, engineers and designers are still struggling to find effective solutions to protect citizens and infrastructure from these natural hazards

Due to the area’s geological morphology and recent flooding and rockfall events, the Regional Technical Department of North East Aegean, expressed an interest in a technical presentation to be organised by Maccaferri Hellas and the Technical Chamber of North East Aegean Prefecture. The event took place on 28 November 2018 and attracted a large audience of designers, contractors and Mytilene’s prefecture engineers.

The range and versatility of our products is wide. Due to the recent catastrophic flooding and rockfall events in the region of Plomari and other parts of Lesvos island, interest was focused on solutions for specific protection & mitigation systems, including:

  1. Systems for Rockfall protection Mac.RO systems
  1. Protective structures & Hydraulic works
    • Water course characteristics & types
    • Anti-Corrosion protective structures and Hydraulic works
    • Double twisted wire mesh products

Although these topics were the most crucially discussed for immediate and effective solutions, the engineers and the designers were also interested in roadworks, especially ones concerning road layer construction. One of our new products, the steel wire mesh for asphalt reinforcement Road Mesh®, was introduced. This added another topic:

  1. Reinforcement for Roadworks
    • Advantages
    • Applications
    • Constructions and materials

Steel wire Mesh for asphalt reinforcement is an ideal solution for road rehabilitation works, when failures often occur due to reflective crack propagation and surface deformations.

Maccaferri Hellas is always at the disposal of designers and local authority engineers to organise technical meetings and presentations. The purpose of these meetings is not only to introduce our range of solutions, but to encourage edifying dialogue with a view to overcoming the technical issues that occur in geotechnical projects.

In case you are interested in organising such a meeting, technical presentation or obtaining more information about our products & solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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