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COP21- Finding solutions for the coastal protection


COP21, a milestone for the future of all of us. Will something change? Important decisions were finally made concerning the climate change in Paris.

The COP 21 Conference took place from November 30th to December 12th at the “Le Bourget Exhibition Centre”.

There were representatives from 195 countries and after two weeks of negotiations between them, an important agreement has been signed to face the relentless climate change in the next future. To help reduce greenhouse emissions by 2020 and to allocate financial resources in order to prevent disasters and flooding due to climate change, a set of guidelines were agreed.

A financing agenda for developing countries, worth 100 billion dollars a year has been approved, aiming at reducing CO2 emissions.

Just to refer to one of the most critical issues, the relentless rise of sea levels in the coming years will become a huge issue. Miles of shorelines will require sustainable, reliable, disaster-proof coastal protection infrastructures and erosion control works. Huge investments will be necessary for the sake of coastal protection and erosion control.

Maccaferri aims at contributing to achieve this milestone: reducing coastal erosion issues, with its specific know-how in erosion control applications. But not only coasts will be affected by these changes; increasingly severe weather events require more robust solution, including erosion protection, hydraulic works and retaining walls than ever before.

Maccaferri Hellas is continuously hit by erosion issue. The coastline of Greece is 15,000 km long (60% mainland, 40% islands). Nearly one-third (28.6%) of the Hellenic coastline is eroding (mostly < 10 m over time periods of 20-30 years). Sediment supply to the coast has decreased strongly. It was reported that in the case of a sea level rise up to 1.8 mm/year (due to climate change) almost half of the Aegean coast would be moderately vulnerable and the remaining part highly vulnerable (3). For the case of a sea level rise of more than 3.5 mm/year, almost all the Hellenic Aegean coast would be highly vulnerable. Different strategies could be provided to prevent erosion, as well as placement of gabions; flood embankments, stabilization of coastal dunes or seawalls. In each of them, Maccaferri is a leading manufacturer.

Maccaferri’s history shows how environmental protection has been our corporate goal since we first offered hydraulic works and erosion protection solutions, starting over 100 years ago.

Fell free to learn more about our erosion control and coastal protection applications and do not hesitate to contact us.


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