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Global Leadership Meeting: an opportunity for discussion on the Group growth


The Global Leadership Meeting (GLM), the annual internal event during which Regional General Managers, Regional Chief Financial Officers and Corporate Function Managers meet with the CEO and CRO, was held from 14 to 17 December in Zola Predosa, Maccaferri’s headquarter.

During the meeting, Maccaferri shared 2021 business achievements, the economic scenario and the main trends of the sector, which are key elements for defining the growth goals for 2022 and the years to come.

Although 2021 was characterized by many challenges related to the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Maccaferri exceeded growth expectations and looks to its future with confidence.

It is clear that the market in which the company operates has entered a phase of great dynamism: the rationalization and efficiency of the industrial supply chain, Carbon Neutrality goal, which will accelerate the process of construction of fully sustainable infrastructures, and digital transformation, which is revolutionizing the way different actors interact and manage projects, are certainly some of the most significant trends.

The evolution of the scenario represents a challenge for Maccaferri, but also a great opportunity to grow and strengthen its position as a key player in its sector.

Therefore, the GLM contributed to the development of an action plan whose growth strategy is based on the increasing efficiency of operations and the industrial sector, and innovation, on the one hand through the digitalization of processes and interaction with market partners, and on the other through the proposal of increasingly sustainable and long-lasting solutions and products.

The development of human resources is still a key aspect and the qualification of top talents, training and welfare are of increasing concern for the Group.

The action plan aims to consolidate Maccaferri’s position as a supplier of high added value solutions in terms of sustainability, product and production process quality, technical-engineering support and service to the customer, with a view on a continuous partnership.

Therefore, 2022 will be a year marked by constancy to confirm and improve the performance of 2021, also considering the positive evolution of the restructuring process.

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