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Geogrids go World-Wide to Strengthen Megastructure Foundations


Maccaferri’s innovation in reinforced soil helps structures stand the test of time

Maccaferri innovations in reinforced soil technology are strengthening the construction of mega structures worldwide. High-performance geogrids reinforce soils allowing for steeper grades and higher loads. Our mega structure projects have benefited from the reinforced soil technology. Combined with grids, we have found less settling which means these structures will firmly stand for years to come.

Our team has spent years finding a solution to reduce cost while increasing versatility and reliability. The solution is the combination of retaining walls and geogrid soil reinforcement. This allows the developable area to be optimized and expanded. In addition, they are easy to install.

1 – Strength only lies in unity: SIKKIM AIRPORT

A 74-m high structure built in 2013, the Sikkim airport, in India, is still considered one of the world’s tallest megastructures. Constructed on mountainous terrain, combined with high annual rainfall, this site posed a variety of problems for both the structure and the runway. Once clearing the site, cutting slopes and filling in the downfill, retaining structures were required to prevent erosion. Reinforced with Paramesh System, the project helped redefine what was possible by using these cutting-edge materials in the construction. ParaMesh consists of two components: Terramesh® / Green Terramesh® and ParaLink® high-performance geogrids.

While Paralink®, provides primary reinforcement for reinforced soil structures exposed to high loads Terramesh®/Green Terramesh® promote vegetation re-establishment thus stabilizing the slopes while blending in with the surroundings.

This system also combines all the benefits of a fast construct system with the lasting resilience of soil reinforcement.

To learn more on this project, download our Case History.

2 – Reducing Environmental Impact: SHENNONGJIA AIRPORT

For the new airport in Shennongjia, in Hubei Province, China, being constructed next to the Shennongjia Nature Reserve presented concerns. The team needed to preserve the surrounding natural beauty and accessibility to the site. Using the Terramesh® system and MacGrid WG® geogrids, a 50m reinforced soil wall was constructed. Because the reinforced soil systems form an ideal environment for various plant species, the entire structure became covered in vegetation. This further reduced the environmental impact. For more information on our project at the Shennongjia Airport, click here.

3 – Challenging Terrain Made Stable: AL JAIS MOUNTAIN ROAD

Developing a 36-km new road, rising to 1.700 mt in Al Jais, the highest peak in the UAE, was a challenging project.

The team was tasked with establishing a near-vertical mountain road reaching heights of 32m. In addition to terrain, the area’s weather was a point of concern. Flash floods, where entire roads have been washed-out, provided added challenges. Paramesh, which is composed of a steel wire double-twist mesh (Terramesh®) and a high strength polyester geogrid (ParaLink 300), provided a flexible and free-draining solution.

Once again, Paramesh was the winning combination: the flexibility, simplicity of construction, free-draining nature and ability to re-use site won materials made this system the ideal solution on this project. Click here to get to get the full story and download our Case History.

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