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Recent inauguration of art installation aimed at raising awareness about The Garbage Patch State


The Garbage Patch State: a 16 million km square islands of abandoned plastic debris within our oceans.

The installation in Mozia, Sicily was brought to fruition with contributions from the Fondazione Terzo Pilastro and the Fondazione Whitaker.

Maccaferri supported the installation with our gabion units, filled with abandoned plastic debris and illuminated from within. The gabions map out the word ‘HELP’ and such is the scale of the art installation that it is visible to passing satellites. Along with all the organisers and creator Maria Cristina Ferucci, Maccaferri hopes this innovative installation will serve to highlight this man-made problem.

Chairman of Officine Maccaferri S.p.A, Alessandro Maccaferri said “We are pleased and honoured to participate in this project ‘The Garbage Patch State’ on Mozia with our historic products; gabions. Since the birth of our company, we focused on environmental solutions, and this project was in sympathy with our goals; thinking about the environment and to the quality of the lives of future generations.”


This is the latest in a series of environmental art installations by Maria Cristina Finucci which endeavour to raise awareness about this environmental hazard created from plastic debris floating in our oceans. The project in Mozia follows art installations in Venice, Paris, Barcelona and Milan.
Each art installation has been made from waste plastic material, highlighting that it is man’s carelessness alone that has created this new State.
The problem is under-reported, simply because the visible part is smaller than the invisible part: the photodegredation of the plastic debris creates smaller and smaller fragments which are ingested by sea creatures to their detriment.
There are 5 islands of the Garbage Patch State are:

  • Eastern Island between Russia and Alaska/Canada
  • North Atlantic Island between the USA and Northern Europe
  • Western Island off the west coast of Latin America
  • South Atlantic between Latin America and Africa
  • Indian Ocean

With a total area of 16 million square km, these islands of abandoned plastic debris have changed our earth’s geography.

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