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Luoning County water resources Bureau

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Luoyang Water conservancy and hydropower survey and design Institute



The third phase of the Luohe Ecological governance project is located on the mainstream of the Luohe River in Luoning County, and the scope of governance is from Changshuiqiao to Luocun Gulou estuary.

The total investment of the project is about 689 million yuan, and the length of the river center is 16.8km. The main construction contents include new dikes, branch ditch protection, branch ditch traffic bridge, water slope protection, pro-horizontal platform regulation, transformation of dike culverts, dredging of the main channel, etc. PPP mode is adopted to implement river ecological restoration.

In order to actively integrate the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River Basin, integrate the ecological protection of the Yellow River basin with the governance of the whole basin, firmly carry out the action of large-scale protection, large-scale governance and large-scale improvement in the new era, and initially achieve the governance goal of clean water, green banks, smooth roads, and benefiting the people, so that the Yellow River system will linger in the land of Heluo like one green artery


Maccaferri Gabion + Renomesh solutions improve the overall defense capability of protecting the river bank.

Overall consideration of the relationship between mountains, water, forests, fields, roads, villages and industries, to create a unique charm of the water beauty village, once again verified its excellent performance advantages and engineering significance.

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