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First MacRes jobsite in French Africa region


Maccaferri due to provide a MacRes deployment in combination with Paraweb for a bridge-construction project in Ivory Coast.

The Ivorian Government is committed to meeting the needs of urban and rural populations. It is in this context that it launched its Infrastructure Renaissance project, which is a joint initiative of the Ivorian Government and the World Bank aimed at focusing the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructures, particularly in priority sectors such as urban roads, drinking water, urban sanitation, street lighting, health, and education. The jobsite was entrusted to the Soroubat CI Company — a 100 billion CFA francs contract consigned the job site.

Part of the project includes bridge earthworks as part of a massive facility project that includes the widening of the Latrille way and the asphalting of the 2×2 access road to Angré Hospital (Cocody Municipality).

The bridge is destined to ease the traffic and to join several districts of the current Cocody district (Riviera, Angré) but also to allow a faster connection between these areas and the second plateau.

The two access roads to the bridge have required the construction of four soil reinforced structure walls, for which Maccaferri’s MacRes system solution was deployed. MacRes consists of a concrete front panel of dimension 1.50×1.50m linked to a high resistant geosynthetic strip Paraweb BBA certified and CE marked.

In addition to the provision of a very detailed Installation Manual, France Maccaferri has visited the jobsite on numerous occasions to support the contactors during the precasting of the concrete panels, in addition to being present at the beginning of the installation of the MacRes system.

The MacRes product offered relevant advantages to the project as it ensures the homogeneity and flexibility of the work, it is user-friendly and quick to install, the Paraweb geosynthetic strips are corrosion free with a lifetime of 120 years and, ultimately, it drastically reduces the amount of steel and concrete materials as well as reducing transport to supply the job site.

Moreover, Maccaferri France has designed the project by using an internal software, which is specifically intended for this solution. Read the Case history present on the Maccaferri France’s website.

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