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Maccaferri supports the International Year of Soils – 2015

Maccaferri soils 2015

Healthy soils for a healthy life! 2015 is the International Year of Soils

At Maccaferri we shall keep in mind that soils support our planet’s biodiversity and they host a quarter of the total, soils help to combat and adapt to climate change by playing a key role in the carbon cycle, soils store and filter water, improving our  resilience to floods and droughts, soil is a non-renewable resource; its preservation is essential for food security and our sustainable future; FAO – Soils 2015

Our erosion control solutions can provide immediate protection to vulnerable soil slopes, preventing wash-off and providing root reinforcement for revegetation.

We offer a graded logical range of erosion protection solutions from soft, biodegradable solutions, to hard armour for the most exposed conditions.

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